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  • DMI is currently implementing a project aiming at building a referential of competencies for Kazakhstan civil service.  The project is explained in the attached video, which refers to DMI as main actor in the public administration modernisation process.

    Under the framework of this modernising project, most civil servants will be tested several times during the first trimester of 2017. One of these tests will refer to a framework of competencies elaborated by DMI, i.e. relating to efficiency, transparency and accountability, as well as services rendered to the Kazakh population at large.

    Access to video (Russian language)

  • DMI, partner of the France-Ethiopia Association, supports the organisation of the Ethiopian Christmas Gala, which will be celebrated on 14th, January 2017.

  • The DMI led consortium has been granted the technical assistance project PLAC Serbia. The project, aiming at facilitating approximation of EU acquis into national legislation, has started at mid-July 2013, for a 30 months duration.

  • In a consortium led by GDSI, DMI has been awarded the € 8 million SME policy framework contract, funded by DG ENTR. The aim of the contract is to conduct economic studies and provide economic analysis and expert advice in support of SME policy development, monitoring, and implementation.

  • DMI has been awarded the UNDP framework contract on democratic governance.
    Each action consists in the provision of a position document, or policy paper, or concept note on subjects relating to democratic governance, written by academic specialists selected through a network of academic institutions.

  • DMI has been selected for the DFID Global Evaluation Framework Agreement. DMI is part of a consortium led by WYG International with B&S Europe, Eptisa, HCL Consultants, National Technical University of Athens and River Path.

  • A DMI led consortium has been awarded technical assistance to the project MUTRAP IV,which further actions taken under MUTRAP III.

  • MUTRAP III is now closed, with honours, as it has been selected by the European Commission as a EU model case story in the region and one of the EU most successful technical assistance project worldwide.

    Case study of MUTRAP has been posted on the OECD’s website (, WTO's website ( and reported in Aid for Trade Conference in Indonesia on 14/6/2011.

  • A DMI team will be involved in the Astana Economic Forum which will take place in Kazakhstan capital city from 22th to 24th, May 2012.

    The forum general objective is to unite economists and other experts, as well as representatives of the public, in discussing and searching for solutions to socio-economical, legal and cultural issues of Kazakhstan and the world’s economic development.

  • In Kazakhstan, DMI led consortium is implementing a 4.3 M€ EU funded project aiming at supporting the country's policy to modernise its public administration.

    Its purpose is to improve and develop the institutional capacities and Human Resources potential of Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs (ACSA) and Academy of Public Administration.

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