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justice philippines

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Justice for All
Domaine d'expertise: 

access to justice


The overall objective of the programme of which this contract will be part is to promote an equitable access to justice and its efficient enforcement for all citizens in general and poor and disadvantaged people, including women, children, minorities, indigenous people, and human rights and social activists, in particular.

Hulla&Co. Human Dynamics KG , WYG, BIRD
Technical expertise tasks (providing thematic advices, carrying out thematic studies, organizing thematic consultations, etc.) Operational tasks (planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting) Contractual and financial tasks Steering and coordination tasks between the executive authorities and implementing partners Organisational tasks (trainings, seminars, workshops, etc.) Component 1: Enhancing accessibility - Enhanced legal awareness through greater access to information on legal issues, laws, systems, procedures, and decisions, as well as improved legal education of poor and disadvantaged people; - Improved and enhanced legal aid and other social services provided by governmental and non-governmental organisations to poor and disadvantaged people; - Increased awareness and understanding of issues, laws, regulations and procedures related to access to justice of poor and disadvantaged people by judges, court personnel, officials from quasi-judicial bodies, and prosecutors; - Enhanced and improved use of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms by Courts, the Barangay Justice System, Quasi-Judicial Bodies, the Muslim Justice System (Sharia Courts), and the Indigenous Justice System. - Component 2: Fighting impunity - Enhanced prevention and improved investigations of murders and abductions in general, and ELKs and EDs in particular; - Reduced delays in the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of murder and abductions in general, and ELKs and EDs in particular; - Enhanced witness protection, hence witness contribution, all along the criminal process from investigation, through prosecution, to adjudication. Component 3: Enhancing accountability - Enhanced monitoring mechanisms of justice sector government agencies, the judiciary and quasi-judicial bodies and enhanced oversight by public and private bodies and organisations regarding access to justice and criminal justice enforcement issues
overall project value: 
3 813 050
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