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Mission statement

  • DMI is a society that thrives in remaining independent economically and politically vis-a-vis the funding stakeholders and the beneficiaries to preserve the total objectivity of its actions.
  • By establishing teams composed of international, regional and national experts and managers, we are able to make an efficient use of resources, technology and transfer of know-how which is adapted to local needs.
  • Our purpose is to provide innovative and sustainable solutions, and to find common values with the beneficiaries to fully integrate the proposed strategies and results into the community, and to develop human capital. DMI aims at providing, through each project, results oriented activities. Furthermore, DMI believes corporate social responsibility creates its own value.
  • We try to provide in each of our assignments reports, outputs and high quality standards, particularly concerning the presentation and the justification of our recommendations and conclusions, within the deadlines and according to rules of good practice. This is why most of the produced documents or initiated strategies need to be validated by the quality reviewing cell before submission.