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==FR== Voici la liste des opportunités de missions d'experts proposées par DMI
Vous pouvez faire une recherche par pays ou/et par position
==EN== Here is the list of the opportunities of experts' missions proposed by DMI
You can make a search by country or / and by position
Pays Position Projet Domaine Durée En Savoir plus
Serbia long term experts Support to High Judicial Council

1) enhancing the management capacities of the Council and its staff and strengthening relevant procedures and policies, workflows and managerial structures,
2) improving the effectiveness of disciplinary proceedings,
3) improving financial management/budget planning,
4) developing an improved mechanism for career development of judges,
5) increase ordinary courts' capacities to manage the work in a more effective manner.

24 months
Serbia Long term experts Supreme Court of Cassation

1) With reference to backlog reduction, the project shall focus on further reducing backlog cases in the Serbian courts, mainly, but not limited on enforcement cases. In this regard the project will seek to further strengthen capacities of SCC and ordinary courts in developing, implementing and monitoring of backlog reduction policies, implementing developing relevant strategies, as well as implementing annual backlog reduction plans.

2) With reference to ADR system, the project shall enhance the use of mediation by courts by increasing the understanding of the ADR benefits among judges, court administration, lawyers, and citizens as well by analysing the legal framework and the referral mechanisms, and developing further the adequate service within ali Basic, Higher and Commercial courts.

3) With reference to Case Law harmonisation, the project shall focus on further enriching with both domestic, Court of Justice of the European Union and European Court of Human Rights decisions the earlier developed case law database.

24 months
Tunisie Experts long-terme IRADA

expert principal senior - chef d’équipe

expert spécialiste de développement de structures d’appui au secteur privé

480 h/j max Contact :;
World Short term expert Framework contracts ETF

Short term missions, in the frame of this framework contract with the European Training Foundation, can cover the following sectors:

Governance in education and training; Providing expertise in Vocational Education Training (VET); Qualifications and qualification systems; Quality in VET; Innovation and VET; Learning and teaching in VET

Migration and skills; Employment and employability; Entrepreneurship and enterprise skills

EU programming and project cycle, as well as sector approach and budget support; Development of methodologies, tools and instruments to deliver capacity building.

less than 1 year