Trade policy

The integration of a country into the regional and international economy is an essential vector of its development.

With in-depth knowledge of economic integration issues and many years of expertise in multilateral and regional trade negotiations, DMI Associates works to increase and improve the participation of developing countries in international trade, on equitable terms. We assist governments in the development and implementation of their trade policies and in the negotiation and implementation of trade agreements. We also manage regional integration and development issues (ASEAN, COMESA, SAARC, UEMOA, ECOWAS, and others).

 DMI Associates specialises in the following areas:

  • Accession to the WTO and implementation of associated agreements,
  • Negotiation and implementation of multilateral, regional and bilateral trade agreements, including negotiation of so-called "new generation" free trade agreements,
  • Reduction of non-tariff barriers in trade in services, public procurement and intellectual property protection,
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms,
  • Harmonisation of sanitary, social, technical and environmental standards,
  • Investment promotion,
  • Trade policy development,
  • Trade promotion and facilitation,
  • Simplification and modernisation of customs procedures.
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