EU-Mexico POP (Policy and Outreach Partnership)

1 Moderator and 1 Key Expert

Objectifs / Objectives

Strengthen EU – Mexico and EU-Central America engagement on priority areas with the following stakeholder groups:

  • Business community and business stakeholders,
  • Decision-makers (members of congress at federal, state and municipal level, diplomats, civil servants, industry federations, etc.)
  • Influencers and multipliers (academics, journalists, think tanks, etc.),
  • Civil society actors and cultural stakeholders.

profil / profile

Qualifications and skills

-University degree in a discipline relevant to the scope of the assignment such as public relations, public diplomacy, communication, management, or equivalent relevant professional experience

-Fluency in English (C1 level) and Spanish (C1 level);

General professional experience

-At least 2 years of proved experience as a team leader in managing technical assistance projects/programmes;

-Minimum 5 years of general professional experience in a sector relevant to the scope of the assignment (public diplomacy, public relations, communication or visibility);

Specific professional experience

-Minimum 3 years of specific professional experience (included in the 5 years of general professional experience) in the field of Public Diplomacy6 in external relations;

Specific professional experience working with EU procedures, in particular related to service contracts, monitoring and evaluation will be considered an asset.

The expert must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.

Nombre total de jours travaillés / Total working days

660 working day

Période de la mission / Period of the assignment

March 2024

Date de début / Starting day

March 2021

Lieu de mission / place of assignment

Mexico Ciudad

Langue de travail / Working language


Candidatures / Applications

Applications (EC format CV and application letter in English) need to be submitted by e-mail to:

no latter than the 15th of December 2020

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