Lot 7 Technical Assistance for Impact Assessment Study of a Possible TR-EU Readmission Agreement


The overall aim of this project is to accelerate Turkey’s accession by facilitating coordinated irregular migration and border-management policies between different countries and especially EU member states. The specific objective of this contract is to assess the likely impacts of a prospective TR-EU readmission agreement, especially with regard to possible changes in costs associated with the upkeep of irregular migrants in conditions meeting international and EU standards during their stay in Turkey, as well as the necessary operational inputs to increase State capacity in this regard. The required outcomes to be observed in the Impact Assessment Report are: Providing independent findings on potential impacts following the signing of a readmission agreement between EU and Turkey, Providing a set of recommendations outlining the strategic approach to be taken and inputs for actions to address the needs identified.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice -Transparency


156 209,00€


B&S Europe



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