Renforcer la capacité du gouvernement de l'Azerbaïdjan dans les négociations d'adhésion à l'OMC et d'autres activités liées au commerce


The specific objective is “to strengthen the trade policy and enlarge production and trade of goods supporting the Government of Azerbaijan in on-going WTO accession and other trade related negotiations”. In turn, the specific objective to be achieved is “to support the efforts of the Government of Azerbaijan to better prepare and manage WTO accession negotiations and other trade related activities”. The Project has three components:

1)       Component 1: Support establishment and operationalisation of the trade remedy unit within the Ministry of Economy

2)       Component 2: Strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Economy for better preparation, communication and coordination of WTO matters and other trade related activities

3)       Component 3: Support the Government of Azerbaijan in on-going WTO accession negotiations

Planned Results :

§  R1: Organisational structure as well as institutional, technical and administrative capacities of the Ministry of Economy on administration of the trade remedy actions/measures is strengthened

§  R2: Capacity of the Ministry of Economy in the preparation and coordination of WTO accession negotiations strengthened

§  R3: Awareness of the main stakeholders and general public on WTO and foreign trade related issues, in particular, obligations and benefits of WTO membership is increased

§  R4: Relevant line ministries and other public institutions are supported to improve WTO related legislation

§  R5: Assistance to the negotiating team of the Republic of Azerbaijan in their WTO accession negotiations on both multilateral and bilateral levels, including all stages of preparatory work and coordination with line ministries and other public institutions provided




24/09/2020 - 23/11/2021

Domaine d'expertise

Accession à l'OMC


799 940 €


République d'Azerbaïdjan



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