Politique commerciale / Trade Policy

Support to the Competition Council – Enpi/2015/367-197

The overall objective of the project is “to improve the application of the law and regulation governing competition in Moldova. More specifically, the purposes of this contract are: To enhance the capacity of the National Agency for the Protection of Competition (now the Competition Council); and To improve the competition culture in the Republic of Moldova.

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Gouvernance – Justice – Transparence / Governance - Justice - Transparency

Développement et environnement des affaires / Development and Business Environment

EU-GCC Dialogue on Economic Diversification

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to stronger EU-GCC relations by supporting the GCC countries’ ongoing process of economic diversification away from hydrocarbon dependent sectors.
More specifically, the purpose of this contract is to promote climate-friendly trade, investment and economic affairs related policy analysis, dialogue and cooperation …

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Upper Egypt Competitiveness Support Programme (UECSP)

The objective of this assignment is to provide preparatory technical assistance for the design and development of the approach for the three components: a. cluster competitiveness initiatives; b. industrial zone management framework; and c. firm level assistance at the subnational level in Qena and Sohag. It is expected that the components will be carried out in parallel.

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Special Economic Zones Development Support Services

The overall objective of the project is to improve business environment and increase opportunities in the rural areas for the potential entrepreneurs.
The specific purpose of the project is to prepare and publish all the required regulatory and legal acts for the establishment and management of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) (Industrial cities and business incubators).

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Marché du travail, éducation et formation professionnelle / Labour Market, Education and Vocational Training

Elaboration of Training and Educational Tools for the Divulgation of the Ecowas/Ue Epa and the Implementation of a Regional Framework to Provide Legal Assistance to Western African Countries in the Field of Trade Disputes and Litigations

The general objective of this project is to contribute to the economic and sustainable development as well as to poverty reduction in the ACP countries through the elaboration of training and educational tools for the divulgation of the ECOWAS/EU EPA and the implementation of a regional framework to provide legal assistance to western African countries in the field of trade disputes and litigations.

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Santé et changement climatique / Health and Climate Change

Monitoring et évaluation / Monitoring and Evaluation

Autres / Miscellaneous

Feasibility Study of Context and Conditions for a Budget Support Programme in Regional Development

The Global objective of this assignment was to advise ECD Armenia on the appropriateness of EU funded budget support for regional development and, if so, the method of selecting relevant projects that meet an agreed set of conditionalities.
This required the review of current development strategy proposals being considered by the relevant government ministries (MoE, MoF and MTA).

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Stratégie de développement du territoire de Corte-centre Corse

outenir le développement harmonieux et durable de l’économie du territoire Centre Corse : diversification des activités, création d’emplois, préservation de l’environnement et du patrimoine culturel.
Objectifs spécifiques:
Développer sur le territoire du centre Corse un tourisme durable, de qualité, générant des activités de service et de production variées, génératrices de revenus et d’emplois…

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