Politique commerciale

Support to the Competition Council – Enpi/2015/367-197

The overall objective of the project is “to improve the application of the law and regulation governing competition in Moldova. More specifically, the purposes of this contract are: To enhance the capacity of the National Agency for the Protection of Competition (now the Competition Council); and To improve the competition culture in the Republic of Moldova.

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Support to the Alignment of Technical Regulations and Enhancement of the Quality Infrastructure

The project’s objective is to support the development of a ‘business enabling’ environment by updating the approach to standards and technical regulations and quality infrastructure and to improve the compatibility between Turkmen standards and technical regulations and international practices, also with the scope of increasing the opportunities for market access for economic operators and the perspective of further alignment of technical regulations to WTO standards.

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Gouvernance – Justice – Transparence

Développement et environnement des affaires

Upper Egypt Competitiveness Support Programme (UECSP)

The objective of this assignment is to provide preparatory technical assistance for the design and development of the approach for the three components: a. cluster competitiveness initiatives; b. industrial zone management framework; and c. firm level assistance at the subnational level in Qena and Sohag. It is expected that the components will be carried out in parallel.

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Special Economic Zones Development Support Services

The overall objective of the project is to improve business environment and increase opportunities in the rural areas for the potential entrepreneurs.
The specific purpose of the project is to prepare and publish all the required regulatory and legal acts for the establishment and management of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) (Industrial cities and business incubators).

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Fonds d’appui à la compétitivité et au développement des exportations (TASDIR)

Le Fonds d’Appui à la compétitivité et au Développement des Exportations TASDIR+ fait partie du PDE 3 (Programme de développement des Exportations), mis en œuvre par le ministère du Développement, de l’Investissement et de la Coopération internationale (MDCI). C’est un fonds de cofinancement des actions engagées par les entreprises dans leurs stratégies de développement de leurs exportations.

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Marché du travail, éducation et formation professionnelle

Santé et changement climatique

Monitoring et évaluation

Final Evaluation of the Unda 1213j Project

The objective of this project is to build sustainable trade-related capacities in selected West African countries through the increased use of e-learning tools.
Undertake needs assessment missions in the selected West African countries in order to assess local technical capacities and constraints (infrastructure, training centres, and distance learning resources, human and technical capital available), and agree on the proposed plan of action;

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Lot 5: Monitoring and Assessing Implications of China’s Economic Rise for the EU and Assisting in the Updating and Articulation of the EU Agenda for the EU-China Relationship Part C Europe-China Academic Network for Studies

The EU and China have now some 20 dialogues going on and five sectoral agreements of major significance are operational. The EU finances a number of projects in China. The relationship is developing into what can be qualified as a “strategic partnership”. In a number of areas the EU and China have important common and/or mutual interests.

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