Politique commerciale

Lot 11 : EMCCA : Double taxation

La Communauté Economique et Monétaire de l’Afrique Centrale (CEMAC) regroupe six Etats : Cameroun, Centrafrique, Congo, Gabon, Guinée-Equatoriale et Tchad.
Héritière de l’Union Douanière et Economique de l’Afrique Centrale (UDEAC), elle a vu le jour le 25 juin 1999. Disposant d’un Tarif Extérieur Commun, la CEMAC constitue une union douanière…

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Gouvernance – Justice – Transparence

Development and Introduction of a Common Framework of Competencies (Competencies Model), Testing Programmes For Assessing Competencies And Determining the Level of Commitment to the Values of the Civil Service for the Corps A and B Administrative Civil Service Positions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

During project implementation it is expected to complete the following tasks:
Comprehensive analysis of the currently prevailing legal and institutional framework in the Republic of Kazakhstan…

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Judicial Efficiency

The project aims at strengthening the independence, efficiency, quality and accountability of the judiciary enabling it to fight against all forms of crime through a more efficient criminal justice system in the Republic of Serbia.

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Study on the Service of Documents – Comparative Legal Analysis of the Member States’ Relevant Provisions and Practices and Minimum Standards

Regulation 1393/2007 of 13 November 2007 on the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil and commercial matters (the “Regulation” or the “Service Regulation”) has proven to be a successful means of improving judicial cooperation and transmission of documents within Europe and to function fairly well in practice.

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Développement et environnement des affaires

Assesment of Export and Market Potential – Strengthening of Trade Information Services in the Country and Upgrading of the Documentation Centre at the Trade Promotion Office (ONAC) Business Information Need Analysis

Le présent travail traite de la partie « Diagnostic de l’ONAC et scénarios de développement futur ». Les travaux de cette étude se sont déroulés au cours de la période avril – septembre 2009. Ils ont été réalisés par messieurs François Theoleyre et Slim Chaker…

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Marché du travail, éducation et formation professionnelle

Santé et changement climatique

Monitoring et évaluation

Final Evaluation of the Sefa 2 Project on Strengthening of the Teaching of French in Afghanistan

Following a first phase of the project, SEFA2 (Soutien à l’enseignement de français en Afghanistan) is embedded inside of the French Department in Kabul University (DFUK). Its main objectives are to train or retrain French-speaking professionals (120 students) through the drafting of new curricula and of the development of governance procedures aiming at becoming references at national level.

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Mid-Term Evaluation of the Estheraid Project

This evaluation had as objective to assess the progress made towards the final objectives of UNITAID support to ESTHER for ESTHERAID, and the likelihood of the project achieving the objectives that were initially set. ESTHERAID provides support to 5 Francophone West African countries for supply chain management of medicines and tests for HIV/AIDS in children and 2nd line patients.

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Strategic plan for Local Sustainable Development in the Corsica Region

The objective of the project is to propose a national sustainable strategy for the island of Corsica based on diversification of productions and exports diversification. Based on this strategy the project propose a new organisation of the regional and local instititutions and promotional instruments in order to support in a more efficient way the companies already exporting and having an export potential outside the island.

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