Politique commerciale

TEP C- Trade Enhancement Programme Customs

The required services consist of technical assistance to the Egyptian Customs Administration (under the Ministry of Finance) for institutional capacity building and upgrading of management resources of the Customs Administration, thus contributing to the achievements of the Government of Egypt’s customs reform objectives.

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ASEAN-EU Programme for Regional Integration Support (APRIS) sub-project No. 0502: TECHNICAL Training Programme

The specific objectives of this specific technical training sub-project are:
To increase the general level of understanding among Secretariat staff members of the aims, benefits, models and components of economic integration;
To increase awareness of the “bigger picture” (the policy decisions taken by ASEAN, and interrelationships between the different technical areas), thereby promoting commonality of purpose and vision among Secretariat staff members…

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Gouvernance – Justice – Transparence

Support to the Kosovo Judicial/Prosecutorial Council

The project aims at supporting the efforts to develop the Kosovo judiciary in line with EU standards by increasing its independence and improving its performance.
The purpose of the project is to support the development and strengthen the independence, performance, professionalism and efficiency of the Kosovo Judicial Council and The Kosovo Prosecutorial Council to the level expected in view of increasing standards up to an European level.

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Développement et environnement des affaires

MTP III Manager’s Training Programme

The MTP program is a manager training programme that was developed to provide training to executives from Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia.
It was launched as the most extensive and comprehensive answer to the East-West business challenge, focusing in particular in bridging the business Education and Cultural gap.

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Training Needs for Baltic Managers with EU Accession

The Baltic Management Development Association consisting of the International School of Management in Kaunas, the Riga Business School in Riga and the Estonian Business School in Tallin requested advice on the EU Structural Funds and Crossborder projects and the development of training programs and training materials for entrepreneurs, SME managers, business associations and local authorities.

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Marché du travail, éducation et formation professionnelle

Santé et changement climatique

Monitoring et évaluation

Monitoring system of the Implementation of Projects and Programmes of External Assistance financed by the European Community-Lot 3 Asia

To gather results – oriented information on projects in the field and to report on progress.To interview representatives from all stakeholders in the field.To maintain and where possible improve the quality of programmes and projects in external co-operation through timely, independent, well-targeted information on project implementation.

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