Afrique / Africa

Asie / Asia

Economic & Investment Study Covering Effects of Liberalization and Privatization Policies, Banking Reforms, Investment Incentives, Economic Growth Rates and Trends, IPR, Standards and State Regulations

Asia Invest country study covering effects of liberalization and privatization policies, banking reforms, investment incentives, economic growth rates and trends, IPR, standards and state regulations (taxation, customs, repatriation of profits, labor, etc.), identification of key sectors etc. as a means of furthering European FDI.

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Development of the Agri-food sector in China

Development and strengthening of the dairy sector and food processing sectors in China providing Technical Assistance and strengthening Business links with European Agro food sectors.
The project involved a broad range of SME development activities including counselling to Chinese entreprises, training to Chinese entrepreneurs and managers, and development of pre-feasibility studies to support business linkages with prospective European investors in the agro-food sector.

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Reste du monde / rest of the world

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