Afrique / Africa

Final Evaluation of the Unda 1213j Project

The objective of this project is to build sustainable trade-related capacities in selected West African countries through the increased use of e-learning tools.
Undertake needs assessment missions in the selected West African countries in order to assess local technical capacities and constraints (infrastructure, training centres, and distance learning resources, human and technical capital available), and agree on the proposed plan of action;

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Asie / Asia


Support to the Reform of the Criminal Justice System in Georgia

The overall objective of this contract is to strengthen the rule of law and human rights protection in Georgia in line with Georgia’s own international commitments.
The specific objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to further improve criminal justice sector in Georgia by advancing reforms in line with international standards and by enhancing and sustaining results already achieved under the first SPSP (ENPI AAP 2008) in Criminal Justice.

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Reste du monde / rest of the world

Framework Contract Lot 5 Studies, Assessments and Presentations Regarding Trade, Businesses and Regional Economic Integration

ssistance to European Commission departments in the analysis and identification of needs, in the assessment of the impact of external aid and/or in defining strategic priorities for countries and regions in the sectors of trade, businesses and regional economic integration (objectives of EU cooperation; critical analysis of policies implemented by beneficiary countries; analysis of the political situation, etc.).

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Cierre administrativa del Proyecto para la prevencion del uso de drogas en Venzuela

Prevention on Drug’s usage in Venezuela. Provision of one expert. The objective of the mission was (i) to obtain a global, permanent, reliable and updated vision of the issue of drug consumption in Venezuela, through the elaboration of diagnosis and dissemination of information that would enable the reinforcement of the political decision-making process with regards to drugs addiction,

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