Monitoring et evaluation

Final Evaluation of the Unda 1213j Project

The objective of this project is to build sustainable trade-related capacities in selected West African countries through the increased use of e-learning tools.
Undertake needs assessment missions in the selected West African countries in order to assess local technical capacities and constraints (infrastructure, training centres, and distance learning resources, human and technical capital available), and agree on the proposed plan of action;

Final Evaluation of the Sefa 2 Project on Strengthening of the Teaching of French in Afghanistan

Following a first phase of the project, SEFA2 (Soutien à l’enseignement de français en Afghanistan) is embedded inside of the French Department in Kabul University (DFUK). Its main objectives are to train or retrain French-speaking professionals (120 students) through the drafting of new curricula and of the development of governance procedures aiming at becoming references at national level.

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