Gouvernance, justice, transparence

Assistance technique au Secrétariat de la Communauté d’Afrique de l’Est (EAC)

Assistance technique à la Communauté d’Afrique de l’Est Description L’objectif global de cette mission est d’améliorer la pertinence, l’efficacité et l’efficience des fonctions horizontales du Secrétariat de l’EAC et d’autres institutions régionales et de préparer de nouveaux programmes régionaux pertinents pour la Communauté d’Afrique de l’Est dans le domaine de la gouvernance régionale, de l’égalité …

Assistance technique au Secrétariat de la Communauté d’Afrique de l’Est (EAC) Lire la suite »

Development and Introduction of a Common Framework of Competencies (Competencies Model), Testing Programmes For Assessing Competencies And Determining the Level of Commitment to the Values of the Civil Service for the Corps A and B Administrative Civil Service Positions of the Republic of Kazakhstan

During project implementation it is expected to complete the following tasks:
Comprehensive analysis of the currently prevailing legal and institutional framework in the Republic of Kazakhstan…

Study on the Service of Documents – Comparative Legal Analysis of the Member States’ Relevant Provisions and Practices and Minimum Standards

Regulation 1393/2007 of 13 November 2007 on the service of judicial and extrajudicial documents in civil and commercial matters (the “Regulation” or the “Service Regulation”) has proven to be a successful means of improving judicial cooperation and transmission of documents within Europe and to function fairly well in practice.

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