climate change

The fragility of environment in many countries represents a major constraint to economic development

Sustainable economic and social development increasingly implies taking environmental issues into account. DMI Associates is increasingly integrating the following themes into all of its development cooperation initiatives:

  • Technical assistance to countries and cities wishing to improve energy efficiency and increase the share of renewable energy, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Technical assistance to countries in drafting their climate change strategies and, in particular, assistance in drafting the commitments of many of them following the COP 21, as well as support for commitment to the climate change ODDs (Agenda 2030),
  • Capacity building for Monitoring Reporting and Verification (MRV) of all measures which countries, regions and cities take to collect data on emissions, mitigation actions and support.
  • Harmonisation of legislation with the European Union and related directives in the fields of air, water, water resources management and waste, nature protection, chemicals and genetically modified organisms, pollution and industrial risks, civil protection, noise, etc.
  • Supporting investment in environmental infrastructure
  • Supporting cities in achieving their carbon reductions
  • Implementation of, and support for, environmental impact studies,
  • Technical assistance in defining and developing a green economy.
  • Supporting Sustainable Development in EU Free Trade Agreements on a global basis,

DMI supports the design of projects for environmental mitigation and climate change adaptation in 9 Mediterranean countries, for Sub-Saharan Africa, for 100 cities in Asia, for ACP countries and in Latin America,

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