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DMI Associates has experience in modernising legislative and regulatory systems. We have worked in all areas of governance, both at central administration level and in local community structures, including in multilateral regional contexts.


From our early work to modernise legislative and regulatory systems, DMI Associates has been able to draw on and put to use this experience, working in all areas of governance, whether at the central administration level or in local community structures, including in multilateral regional contexts.

Strengthening civil society

  • Decentralisation and strengthening of local and municipal government,
  • Technical assistance to support the respect of rights in all areas (minorities, gender, combatting all forms of discrimination),
  • Developing and strengthening the role of non-state actors,
  • Technical assistance in facilitating the emergence of civil society,
  • Establishment of civil society participatory mechanisms for institutional reform.

Reform and modernisation of administrations

  • Studies identifying the impact of new legislation on the economy, society and public spending,
  • Human resources mangement,
  • Modernisation of public agencies and e-governance,
  • Initial and ongoing training of administrative staff,
  • Modernisation of Parliaments.

Updating and harmonisation of legislation

  • Harmonisation of laws and strengthening of the legislative corpus,
  • Regulatory convergence with European Union acquis,
  • Legal advice and assistance, pre-drafting of legislation and regulations.


DMI Associates contributes to the modernisation of public institutions with the aim of strengthening the rule of law. This is particularly important in transitioning and developing countries, where the strength of law is a prerequisite for the emergence or consolidation of democracy and the foundation for sustainable economic development.

  • Legal harmonisation with European and/or international standards,
  • Reform of legal systems and modernisation of judicial institutions and basic and ongoing training for justice officials (judges, lawyers, police officers, prison staff),
  • Advice on public policy related to justice: asylum, immigration, judicial cooperation,
  • Access to justice (legal aid, assistance to victims),
  • Renovation of prison infrastructures,
  • Improvement of detention conditions,
  • Promotion and enforcement of alternatives to detention,
  • Support for the implementation of reintegration policies.


Good governance is based on more than institutional building alone. It requires transparency and budgetary matters is one of the most important aspects of transparency-building. DMI Associates assists governments in the combat against all forms of misappropriation, including money laundering and corruption.

Development and Business Environment

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