RES - Supervision of business transfer operations for the benefit of employees


This project is part of the support to the privatization of Algerian companies.
Its objective is to contribute to the supervision of the transfer of thirty small companies to the benefit of employees.
The aim is to provide the necessary assistance to the Ministry of Participation and Investment Promotion (MPPI), the Companies of Participation Management (SGP) and companies, under the aegis of MPPI, to complete the privatization program.
Its implementation aims at ensuring the best conditions of transfer of the targeted companies to the profit of their employees and the constitution of new companies of Employees in place of these last ones while bringing a technical support and a follow-up of the good progress of the process of disengagement of the State according to this form of privatization.
This assistance will include the works relating in particular to the legal and accounting due diligences, evaluation, early dissolution, constitution of the assets to be transferred and of the corresponding groups of buyers, assistance to the creation of the new companies of employees and training of the interested parties on the basis of a specific program the preparation of the company through the realization of the necessary diagnoses or the updating of the existing diagnoses;
Valuation of the company and determination of a value range according to different methods.
In case valuations have already been carried out, it will only be a matter of validating and/or updating them; assistance in the negotiation;



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Development & Business Environment


386 000,00€


DMI (leader)



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