EU-GCC Dialogue on Economic Diversification


The overall objective of the project is to contribute to stronger EU-GCC relations by supporting the GCC countries’ ongoing process of economic diversification away from hydrocarbon dependent sectors.
More specifically, the purpose of this contract is to promote climate-friendly trade, investment and economic affairs related policy analysis, dialogue and cooperation between stakeholders from EU and GCC at both regional and country levels in the context of the GCC economic diversification process. The project is structured around these 3 components, which are the results to be achieved:
·         R1: Cooperation and dialogue between EU and GCC countries strengthened in the areas of Trade, Investment and Economic Affairs;
·         R2: Policy analysis related to EU-GCC Trade, Investment and Economic Affairs strengthened;
·         R3: Flow of information between ·        
Under Component 1:EU and GCC stakeholders enhanced in the field of Trade, Investment and Economic Affairs.
·         Provide coordination and policy support services for the EU-GCC Trade and Investment Dialogue and to the Macroeconomic Dialogue
·         Establish and maintain an effective network with key institutions/stakeholders in the GCC countries and in EU in the areas relevant to this project
·         Organise roundtables/workshops between EU and GCC stakeholders (including public institutions, private sector, academics, non-governmental institutions) for exchange of experiences and expertise on topics related to trade, investment, economic affairs and other policy issues relevant to economic diversification
·         Creation, steering and follow up of technical working groups involving public/private stakeholders to facilitate sectoral technical cooperation between EU-GCC
·         Support linkages between EU high level visits to GCC and ongoing trade and business related activities
·         Organise business policy and networking events (including business fora)
·         Organise specific exchange and networking events for women entrepreneurs or women business leaders from EU and GCC
·         Short term study visits / exchange programmes related to specific policy areas for entrepreneurs or other relevant stakeholders between EU and GCC (with emphasis on women and youth stakeholders)
Under Component 2:
·         Monitor the economic diversification process in each of the GCC countries and identify opportunities for EU-GCC cooperation in that context
·         Working closely with EU Delegations in the region, Member State representatives and EU business stakeholders, conduct policy analysis and make recommendations by means of policy advice papers, policy position papers, situational assessments, short studies, mapping, impact assessments, surveys etc.) to feed into EU policy work related to GCC
·         Conduct research on trade and investment issues (including based on surveys reflecting views of EU businesses operating in the region on specific topics related to EU-GCC trade and investment framework) and on relevant economic affairs issues
·         Support to development of contributions to GCC legislation in the areas of interest to be defined on an ongoing basis based on discussions and consultation with EU Delegations in the region, Member State representatives and EU business stakeholders. Some indicative topics could be – labour law, workforce and immigration, environmental standards, innovation, procurement and local content requirements, investment protection, infrastructure development policies, IPR etc.
Under Component 3:
·         Creation / update of an interactive EU-GCC trade, investment and economic cooperation electronic platform (including an exit/sustainability strategy for the end of this project)
·         Contribute to creation and dissemination of information on trade and investment opportunities in GCC and in EU through the web platform, dedicated social media platforms, targeted mailings, participation and presentation in relevant events
·         Compile and disseminate case studies/best practices of EU-GCC business cooperation
·         Information sessions/trainings to EU enterprises on relevant topics for facilitating business and investment with GCC (including webinars)
·         Coordination and building synergies with relevant stakeholders and actions (e.g. EU Member States business representation in the region, EU business stakeholders not yet present in the region but with interest in working with the region, other similar actions especially by MS, other EU actions etc.)
·         Regular consultation / coordination with GCC and country specific public and private actors.


Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Beginning – END

16/04/2018 – 16/04/2021

Field of Expertise

Development & Business Environment


2 999 560,00€





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