Institutional Strengthening for Tax and Customs Administration


The objective was to increase the level of stability and security of IT systems and to develop a Tax and Customs legal framework and administrative system that conforms fully to the legal and administrative requirements of the EU, ensuring the compatibility with the “acquis communautaire” and compatibility with EU requirements for information systems and exchange for tax and customs at the level of Member states. Specific objectives:improvement of legal acts that determines rights and functions of customs and tax administration in the areas of mutual assistance and information exchange, and taxpayers’ obligations towards provision of information for tax administration according to the EU acquis communautaire.development of uniform standards and format for electronic data exchange with customs and tax administrations of EU member statesdevelopment of regulations for access to the information compliant with EU Directives and standardsevaluation and recommendations on supplementation of the SRS data warehouse with new EU information sub-systems also providing detailed content of the Sub-systemsimprovement of the information exchange between customs and tax administrations according to EU normspreparation of officials that are responsible for providing information exchange for the work in accordance with the new functions and institutional capacity buildingdevelopment of documentation and implementation of changes in the existing SRS IS user requirements specifications, software requirements specifications and other documents for development of specific EU information systems (VIES, SEED and AFIS) and data exchange with the EU Member States using CCN/CSI and integration with existing SRS ISdevelopment of risk management tools and profiling instruments incorporated into the data basedevelopment of criteria and procedures for Post Clearance auditsapproximation of EU customs legislation for anti-fraud measures and protection of intellectual property rightsestablishment of the Central Liaison Office, institutional strengthening and capacity buildingtraining of officials (including study visits to the EU Member States) on development and operation of specific EU IT systems as well as on development and operation of EU sub-systems of data warehouse and establishment and operation of the CLO



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Governance - Justice - Transparency


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