Partnerships for employment and promotion of SMEs – Special initiative Jobs (SI Jobs – Senegal)


The project forms part of the operational framework of the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation (GATF).

This project aims to support the planning, implementation and monitoring of the GATF trade facilitation project in Senegal and should contribute to the achievement of Effect 1 of the GIZ program module “SI Jobs Senegal “, namely:

§   Improvement of trading and investment conditions for Senegalese, African, German and European companies in Senegal.

In particular, the project should support the Senegalese government in the implementation of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement and contribute to the following Global Alliance outcome objectives:

§   Reduction of time or costs of border compliance or documentary compliance for imports or exports,

§   Reduction of the cost of documentary and border compliance imposed on companies for imports or exports,

§   Reduction of indirect supply chain costs for imports or exports,

§   Increase in the number of assessors of the time required for border compliance,

§   Number of provisions of the Trade Facilitation Agreement implemented with the support of the Global Alliance.




Beginning - END

01/12/2019 – 31/12/2021

Field of Expertise

Promotion of SMEs


1 073 585€




Particip GmbH (chef de file)

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