Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Serbian Tax Administration by Ta To Design a Human Resource Management System


The overall objective of this contract is to support the modernization of the Serbian Tax Administration (STA) by establishing efficient It system aligned with the EU requirements for management of human resources and subsequent training of users in its use and maintenance.
The purpose of the contract is to implement an efficient and modern IT support system that meets the EU standards and at the same time strengthens the institutional capacities in the area of human resources management. The expected results are:
R1: Completed report of the Overview and Analysis of the state of play of the parameters relevant for the mechanisms of human resources management within the STA;
R 2:Installed and operational software for personnel records;
R 3:Installed and operational software for file rooms;
R 4: Completed compatibility checks and integration of the designed modules of the new human resources management system with the existing IT system of the STA and those under development in the parallel project for the collection function and the financial and material accounting system. The system should be compatible with horizontal Public Administration Reform efforts and development of HR managements systems.;
R 5: Train the officers of the STA human and material resource Department (Central and Regional level) for the usage and maintenance of the integrated system..



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Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice -Transparency


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