Support for the Development of the Policy Dialogue Advice Program (PDAP)


The project has two clearly-defined objectives, i.e.: To support Kazakhstan’s efforts in fostering reforms and increasing competitiveness of the country as well and efficiency/effectiveness of the State programming documents. To strengthen relationships between EU and Kazakhstan by means of exchange of expertise, best practices, know-how and an enhanced policy dialogue process. The purpose is to provide high level policy and legal advice to the Government of Kazakhstan through the establishment of a Policy Dialogue and Advice Facility, able to support the country’s political, economic and social development in the framework of an enhanced EU-Kazakhstan Policy Dialogue. The following priorities identified by the Government should be covered by the project: Telecommunication (including competition law application), Public finance, Food security, Export promotion, Environment, Innovation, Competition, Administration reform (improvement of taxation system), Construction, etc. The following results should be achieved: 1. Enhanced capacity of the Kazakh Government to design and implement those policy programmes which are needed in order to increase economic growth and competitiveness of the country, in line with its modernisation strategies. 2. Enhanced access to information and promotion of knowledge networks between EU and Kazakhstan.3. Support the development of a monitoring system of implementation of Government strategies and programmes4. Enhanced trade and investment potential of Kazakhstan5. Increased visibility of EU values, initiatives and principles in Kazakhstan6. Implementation of the new local Government Act strengthened: organisation of the training and workshops on local governance issues for central and local representative bodies. Support in developing new legal acts in order to enforce the Local Government Act. 7. Quality of locally delivered services improved


Governance - Justice - Transparency

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Governance - Justice - Transparency


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