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The overall objectives of this project are:-to support the transfer of responsibilities of Interior issue and Police from UNMIK to successor public bodies and ministries and assist in the creation of a viable and sustainable Ministry of Interior through a range of capacity building measures- to assist the development and strengthening of effective justice structures and policies in Kosovo, which guarantee a space of freedom, security and justice for all Kosovo’s citizens, in accordance with EU standards and best practices

The project as four components:Component 1: institution-building measures: substantive research support to the Ministry of Interior on priority areas selected on the basis of new/planned laws, to support the development of new training curricula modules, internal regulations, as well preparation for future participation in international leg frameworks including regional frameworks relevant to Kosovo regarding organised crime, human rights, legal cooperation and other areas Component 2 : Capacity-Building measures:provide sustained capacity building of the Ministry of Interior to ful fil its legal mandate in accordance with international standardsassess the needs pertaining to facilitate a Ministry of Interior defined under the draft regulation establishing the Ministry and in particular the training for human resources within the Ministry deliver timely and needs-responsive technical assistance on Justice and Home Affairs priorities within the Police sector identify, arrange and fund placements of institutional system staff with counterpart European institutions for work experience as well as participation on short term overseas training courses identify equipment needs and target renovation of the envisaged facilities to meet demands for improved working conditions and productivity within the Ministry and preparation of technical specification Component 3: Support of the Crime Pillar within the Kosovo Police Service:-technical assistance on issues of concerns to different sectors within the Kosovo Police Service-identify and facilitate provision of training and/or deployment of selected local police experts in different directorates within the Crime Pillar to a Training institution or Graduation school in EU member states and or Cards countries Component 4: Monitoring and evaluation



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Governance - Justice - Transparency


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