Thailand-EU Cooperation Facility -: Policy Dialogues Support Component (PDSC)


The overall aim of this Policy Dialogue project, as part of TEC II programme, is to further advance Thailand’s constructive dialogue and cooperation with the European Union. The overall objective of the Thai-EC Co-operation Facility is to contribute to the strengthening and diversification of the partnership between the European Commission and Thailand in line with the draft PCA. The Facility aims at: Advancing constructive dialogue and stimulating co-operation in a wide range of areas of mutual interest; Facilitating trade and investment flows between the EU and Thailand, consistent and complementary with on-going and future regional EC-ASEAN initiatives; Enhancing Thailand’s participation in regional co-operation activities; and Raising the profile and visibility of Thailand and the European Union in each others’ regions, preferably by joint initiatives. The project purpose is to enhance capacity of Thai private and public sector organisations in support of national development goals in areas of (i) trade and investment ; (ii) higher education and science technology ; (iii) environment, climate change, energy ; and (iv) good governance. DMI has to facilitate the policy dialogue between the EU and Thailand and ensure effective and timely implementation of specific assignments. DMI task is to facilitate the Policy Dialogues processes by providing Technical Assistance services as and when requested through Specific Terms of Reference to achieve the expected results.



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Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice -Transparency


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