WTO Accession Seychelles for the republic of Seychelles


The overall objective of the project is to assist the Republic of Seychelles in its WTO accession process, to study the cost and advantages of WTO membership.
This analysis considers the development needs and concerns of the country and makes recommendations to counter any adverse implications this might have on the economy.
The specific objectives are following:
– to analysis the implication of joining the WTO for Seychelles economy, social sector and fiscal performance, and make proposals for adjustment in the areas of trade and economic policy,
– taking into account the sate of negotiations in the Doha Round, to evaluate the economic consequences of WTO accession on specific sectors: fisheries, off-shore banking and tourism,
– to make proposals for relevant amendments to legislation warranted by WTO membership;
– to contribute to raising awareness among the economic operators and population on the implications of WTO membership, in view of enlisting the broad support of all stake-holders



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Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


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DMI (leader)



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