Establishment of Zemgale Regional Business Support and Adult Education Centre –Assistance to Metal Works and Engineering Training unit Number : LE 00 12.03/0005/03


The development of strategic and action plan for long term development of the metal and machinery manufacturing industries in Zemgale region.
The main activities included:Creating a development plan for the unit:
– Research of the main metal and mechanical engineering export markets to assess long-term development trends and training needs for the industry workers;
– Development of marketing and production strategies;
– Forecasting the approximate number of competent, qualified specialists needed for training the major professions of the industry;
– Creating a detailed action plan for the industry in order to achieve public human resource development, remaining independent and self-sustainable;
– Creating a realistic implementation plan for the strategic and action plans, taking available resources and stakeholders’ interests into account.

Training management of the unit:
– Provision of seminars and workshops along with individual consulting to the management to facilitate their ability to take over implementation of the development plan;
– Ensuring feedback about the perceived management ability to implement the plan to Contracting Authority when preparing the final report.



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Field of Expertise

Development & Business Environment


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