Support for the definition and implementation of a support programme for entrepreneurs in the rural sector in Bangui and around the agropoles supported by DEVRUR II – Framework agreement for technical support, services related to sustainable economic development and promotion of the private sector


The framework agreement, for which DMI is the sole contractor, allows DMI to provide private sector development experts to Enabel and its agencies as needed to fill gaps in existing projects. The expertise covered by the framework agreement is as follows:

–    Business development and management in French-speaking countries,

–    Business development and management in English-speaking countries,

–    Strategic and operational marketing.

DMI has been asked to participate in the DEVRUR II project, a support programme for rural development financed by the EU’s Bêkou Fund. One of the objectives of the project is to strengthen the professional qualification of agricultural and rural development actors and the professional integration of young people in rural areas. The specific objective of the mission implemented by DMI is to strengthen non-financial support for entrepreneurs in the rural sector in Bangui and around the agropoles supported by the project.

The main expected results are as follows:

– One or more appropriate selection methods (according to the specificities of each intervention zone) for business support structures and entrepreneurs are defined,

– A system for the support, structuring and coaching of business support structures (BSS) is operationalised (including the development and implementation of a detailed training programme for trainers/coaches),

– One or more mechanisms to raise awareness, train, supervise, support and strengthen the production capacities of entrepreneurs in DEVRUR II intervention areas are defined (including tools and support for project leaders).


Central African Republic

Beginning - END

June 2022-June 2026

Field of Expertise

private sector development


Ad hoc, Up to 1,500,000 €





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