Capacity Building for the ASEAN Secretariat : Consulting Services on Project Evaluation


The evaluation analysed the project and its implementation in terms of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) criteria for evaluating development assistance. It assessed the results achieved of the Project to date and provided useful recommendations based on lessons learned for future planning, programming and project identification work of the responsible services. In coordination with InWEnt, project-specific questions were developed, addressing the following specific issues: 1) Impact of already concluded and ongoing measures, with regard to: a) responsiveness to the identified problem; b) participation of the respective target group; 2) Responsiveness by the project management and the funding donor (German Federal Foreign Office), in regard to ASEC’s (additional) capacity building needs; 3) Evaluation of the capacity of ASEC personnel in light of the re-structuring of the ASEAN Secretariat in April 2009 following the entry into force of the ASEAN Charter in December 2008; 4) Analysis of the relevance of topics addressed versus other donor programs; 5) Assessment of the project’s visibility and outreach; 6) Assessment of project communication (responsiveness, timing) 7) Assessment of applied InWEnt instruments of dialogue, alumni, and networking in the project context. In addition and based on the preliminary evaluation results/recommendations a participatory project planning exercise (proposed Phase III) together with designated ASEC and InWEnt personnel, as well as representative(s) of the German Federal Foreign Office, e.g. representative of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Jakarta was carried out.



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Monitoring & Evaluation


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