Drafting of the law on e-Commerce in Russia


Assist the Russian Federation to develop legislation and to improve the business for e-commerce including e-signature and e-commerce laws and to prepare for future legislation related to distance selling and consumer protection, liability of Internet Service Providers and data protection. The project involved detailed audit of Russian law and legislative proposals in light of EU directives and provided legal and policy advice on legal approximation according to EU norms. Seminars for Ministry officials, lawyers and judges on comparison of Russian law under the civil code and the implementation of EU directives in EU member states especially Belgium, France, Italy and the UK. The objective was to improve awareness of e-commerce and e-business in Europe and to improve the policy and legal environment for e-business in Russia and to facilitate the integration of supply chains within Russia and between Russia and the enlarged EU.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice - Transparency


442 000,00€



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