Drafting Tender Dossier for Ta Project to Support Institutions Implementing Policies Relevant to Non-Majority Communities


Even though the Government has set a number of mechanisms for improving the situation of the minorities in the country, there is constant and evident need for strengthening the stakeholders’ capacity for better implementation, enforcement and monitoring of the relevant legislation and strategies. The responsible institutions are undergoing constant development and improvement, which still needs continued support that will enable sustainable and effective performance. Having in mind the number and variety of institutions, the institutional coordination and cooperation and the cooperation and coordination of all involved stakeholders on vertical and horizontal level remains a very important challenge that needs additional attention. In this line, further enhancement and strengthening of the mechanisms for cooperation and coordination of the state bodies responsible for improvement of the situation of non-majority communities is needed and it will be in focus of this assignment.
The overall objective is to contribute in improving the efficiency, competency and accountability of the institutions responsible for protection of human rights and promotion of equal opportunities for all citizens.
The specific objective of the assignment is to prepare Tender Dossier (TD) including the Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Service Contract “Support to institutions in implementation of policies relevant to non-majority communities”, according to the requirements and rules of the European Commission, specifically as stated in the Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions in its latest edition.
The Project “Support to institutions in implementation of policies relevant to non-majority communities” will have two components, with the first one aimed at capacity building and strengthening the coordination and cooperation of the institutions and state bodies in charge of design and implementation of policies targeted to non-majority ethnic communities, and the second component aiming at providing support in implementation of measures for combating discrimination on ethnic ground and support in implementation of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination.



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Governance - Justice -Transparency


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