Support to the Reform of the Criminal Justice System in Georgia


The overall objective of this contract is to strengthen the rule of law and human rights protection in Georgia in line with Georgia’s own international commitments.
The specific objective of the project of which this contract will be a part is to further improve criminal justice sector in Georgia by advancing reforms in line with international standards and by enhancing and sustaining results already achieved under the first SPSP (ENPI AAP 2008) in Criminal Justice.
This new technical assistance programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice shall build on the previous achievements and target 3 main directions identified below:
(1) Continue to strengthen capacity of the Ministry of Justice to ensure implementation and monitoring of the Criminal Justice Reform Strategy of Georgia, endorsed by the Criminal Justice Reform Council in 2010. This will involve strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Justice (Secretariat of the Criminal Justice Reform Council) to coordinate and lead the highly complex process of criminal justice reforms involving many stakeholders, assist in further development of analytical and research capacities of the Ministry and enhancing consultative process, public awareness raising and outreach on the goals and reform-plans in this area.;
(2) Provide technical assistance to selected justice sector institutions in the implementation of the national Strategy and Action Plans for the reform of the criminal justice system. In the framework of the sector reform agenda, the project will inter alia support capacity building of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance, in particular to the Legal Aid Service (Legal Entity of Public), National Probation Agency (LELP) and the Penitentiary Department.;
(3) Strengthen capacities of the Georgian Bar Association (GBA) and the GBA Training Centre to ensure professional, ethical and competent legal assistance and representation of clients, specifically in criminal proceedings.

The project directly targets three national institutions:
(1) the Ministry of Justice where the primary recipients of assistance will be the Council Secretariat, the analytical department of the MOJ and other relevant services;
(2) the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance; and
(3) the Georgian Bar Association.



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