EU Vietnam Multilateral Trade Assistance Project III – Mutrap III


The MUTRAP III project aims at strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) concerning its core responsibilities of trade policy making, WTO coordination, regional and free trade agreements and implementation of integration commitments and competition policy. The general objective is to assist Vietnam to implement the SEDP and the Post-WTO Action Plan for sustained pro-poor economic growth through stronger integration into the global trading system. The project purpose is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) to further implement and develop Vietnam’s trade and economic integration strategy is strengthened; with particular emphasis on the provision of European experiences. MUTRAP III will be focused on five main areas: improvement of capacity of the MOIT to coordinate and implement WTO commitments including progress on sector specific issues; improve the coordination of the MOIT with the private sector, training and research institutions to develop a coherent, social and environmental sustainable trade integration strategy; increase the capacity of the MOIT to effectively negotiate and coordinate regional trade related arrangements such as AFTA, ASEAN plus dialogue partners and to engage in FTA negotiations with major trade partners including the EU; improve the facilitation in trade in services through better coordination, statistics and better analytical capacity; strengthening the capacity of the competition policy stakeholders to ensure consumer protection and a fair and level playing field for all businesses through the implementation of the new competition law.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


3 981 000,00€


DMI (leader)



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