Support to the Implementation of Agreements Between Moldova and EU


The overall objective of the project is to assist the Moldovan Authorities in implementing the priorities set out in the EU – Moldova bilateral agreements. Specific objectives: Objective 1: To support and monitor the implementation of the measures established in the current as well as possible future bilateral agreements between the EU and the Republic of Moldova within the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy, i.e., Assist with policy advice the Government of Moldova in its political dialogue with the EU (preparation of draft documents, specific advice on specific areas requested by the Government); Assist the coordinating institution, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration in monitoring the implementation of the bilateral EU-Moldova agreements; Provide policy and legal advice to the line ministries (European Integration Departments) in order to support the implementation of the EU/Moldova Bilateral agreements; Strengthen the public awareness on the current status of the EU-Moldova relationship and benefits that Moldovan citizens, companies and public administration can get from the European Neighbourhood Policy. Objective 2: To support the legal approximation process in the Republic of Moldova in the sectors agreed between Moldova and the EU within the framework of the agreed bilateral documents as well as its effective implementation. Objective 3: To increase promotion, visibility and effectiveness of coordination of EU aid assistance by Moldovan authorities as well as the coordination of EU-funded initiatives with the ones of other donors, in particular EU Member States.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice - Transparency


5 329 120,00€


Incom(GR), IRZ, Nomisma and IPP



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