European Technical Assistance for Vietnam (ETV 2)


The overall objective of the ETV2 project is to improve economic and social development in Vietnam during its period of transition to a market economy by facilitating better decision making in the public and private sector, and the development of clear, rational transparent policies, strategic plans and legislation through strengthening of policy/legislation making capacity, promotion of change and results-oriented management and of means of implementation. The broad scope project promotes a result-oriented culture, in the framework of PCM and a logical framework approach.
It aims at strengthening the economic development of Vietnam through enhanced legal framework in line with the EU best practices. The cornerstone of the methodology is to develop the partnership between public and private sector, the professional organisations and the enterprises, to facilitate the integration of Vietnam in the multilateral framework, with particular focus onto Vietnam regional (ASEAN) and multi-lateral commitments (WTO).
Main results expected include:
Improved Fiscal Policy and legal advisory services; effectiveness and efficiency of (ii) the taxation system and of (iii) customs laws and procedures enhanced; up-grades of domestic (iv) accounting, (v) auditing and (vi) insurance processes aligned with international standards; improved (vii) data analysis and processing, and information management at MPI; improved Quality (viii) control and infrastructure: this component deals with improving knowledge and confidence on the Metrology, Standardization, Testing and Quality (MSTQ) process, through the harmonisation of both the conformity assessment procedures, legal framework and the level of the quality infrastructures (standardization, accreditation and testing processes brought in line with international best practices in particular in fish and other food products).
Project was managed through a central unit (OPTF) coordinating the activities of the 6 autonomous components, reflecting a decentralised approach and fostering full ownership of the proposed reforms within the relevant institutions.



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Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


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Transtec, Bicon, IBFD and ICAS



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