Framework contract Lot 11-Macro economy, Public Finances and Regulatory Aspects


The objective of the multiple Framework contract is to provide short-term operational services for the exclusive benefit of third countries receiving external aid (Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, New Independent States, Latin America, Asia, Mediterranean, Africa, Caribbean, Pacific etc.). At the request of the European Commission, the consortium makes available short term experts for missions in developing countries in the fields of Macro economy, Public finance, Central Banking and regulatory environment for business. The assignments usually consist of carrying out feasibility studies, project design and preparation, monitoring, evaluation, consultancy and training in the above fields.
Among others, example of missions:
– Chine – Mid-term Evaluation of the EU-China Trade project. Provision of the whole team – 2 international and 1 local experts. With reference to the EU-China Trade Project aimed to support the further integration of China into the world economy, to assist the Chinese government in implementing its obligations under, and commitments in, the WTO and to increase the capacity of China in the process of wider economic, regulatory, legal and administrative reform, the overall objective of the evaluation activities was to improve the design and the impact of the European Commission’s managed external assistance programmes.
– Tunisia –Feasibility and Formulation mission for the “Programme d’Appui à la Compétitivité” Thee main objective of the mission is to evaluate the possibility to integrate in the PAC the reforms regarding: e-governance, quality management of the administrative services, efficiency of public expenditures, restructuration of public sector and to develop objective verifiable indicators to measure performances.
– Senegal – Public expenditure review in the field of Transport. Provision of 1 international expert. The overall objective of the mission is to evaluate the efficiency, effectiveness, impact and use of the public expenditure in the field of national transport and to draw a national strategy to rationalize allocation of financial resources.
– Seychelles – WTO Accession for the Republic of Seychelles. Provision of 3 international experts. The overall objective of the project is to assist the Republic of Seychelles in its WTO accession process, to study the cost and advantages of WTO membership. This analysis considers the development needs and concerns of the country and makes recommendations to counter any adverse implications this might have on the economy.
– Bangladesh – Impact assessment study of EU General System of preference (GSP) and rules of Origin. Provision of 2 international experts. The overall objective of the project is to retain and expand the market share of Bangladesh textile and clothing exports to the EU. The specific objectives are to inform and assist the Ministry of Commerce and others to respond to developments arising from the EU GSP and Rules of Origin and specifically to: identify the GSP rules and the Rules of Origin provisions under the WTO and the EU laws and to assist the Government of Bangladesh to obtain objective information on which to base its position and to take trade policy decisions.
– Bangladesh – Study on the extension of additional protection under Geographical Indication (GIs) to products other than wine and spirits. Provision of one Trade agreement and legislation expert. The overall objective of the project is to improve Bangladesh’s access to markets in Europe in a cost-effective manner. More specifically, to obtain an overview of existing provisions of protection under GIs; Identify the products of Bangladesh for which Bangladesh should seek protection under GIs; and obtain a cost-benefit analysis of seeking protection under GIs.



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