Externalised final evaluation of the FSPI COLAB mother-child health project in the Sahel (MCHS) 2020-2022


  • The general objective of the mission is to conduct an external evaluation of the FSPI project entitled “CoLAB Mother-Child Health in the Sahel” (MCHS). The aim is to draw up a comprehensive assessment of the project and to evaluate the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the programme and its activities.

 The objective of CoLAB (MCHS) is to contribute to the improvement of maternal and child health in Mali and Niger, by setting up a community of interest centred around the mother-child health thematic, and grouping together civil society, women’s and youth associations, academic researchers, private companies, and national authorities in order to develop innovative, sustainable and integrated solutions. It is based on the CoLAB methodology, an innovative approach to initiate multi-stakeholder collaboration.

The beneficiaries are:

·  800 actors from the mother-child health sector, including at least 400 women from NGOs, health centres, women’s networks, international institutions, local ministries, and medical representatives.

·  20 members of the scientific community who took action to raise awareness of scientific literacy among young people, stakeholders, and innovators in the community.

· 40 young COLAB ambassadors, including at least 20 women ambassadors, trained in collective innovation tools (students, NGO members, civil society actors).

·  1500 actors sensitised during “Café des sciences” cycles

· 10 multi-stakeholder projects, selected in the framework of the CoLAB incubation, and supported and funded

·  5 multi-actor projects will be supported in their scaling up 

Within the framework of the mission, the contractor aims in particular to      Identify the conditions for the success of a programme based on the CoLAB methodology, the conditions for replication to another geographical area or to another thematic and provide recommandations to the MEAE and IRD



Mali, Niger

Beginning - END

June to September 2022

Field of Expertise

Evaluation - Public Health


23 376 €




GDID Santé

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