Final Evaluation of the Uemoa Project, Implemented by Unctad


Following an UNCTAD’s voluntary review of UEMOA competition policy conducted in 2007, UEMOA Commission decided to enter in an Agency agreement with UNCTAD to implement UEMOA competition policy at sub-regional and national level.
The 600 000 USD project, launched in March 2011 and closed in March 2014, consists in 4 components:
– Component I: conception or adaptation of training material dedicated to Commission’s competition regulations; training of Commission and beneficiary states personnel; Training of judges from UEMOA Justice Court; study tours in the sub-region;
– Component II: setup of a specialised documentation; facilitation of exchanges through the build up of a specialised network with specialised institutions et participation of several high ranking personnel to the Annual Inter-governmental experts meeting in Geneva ;
– Component III: Conduct of studies on the competition framework in a selected priority sectors; distribution of conclusions and recommendations;
– Component IV: Setting-up of a dedicated and friendly use website; organisation of seminars and of an annual forum on competition; setting up of cooperation frameworks with universities and relevant academic institutions.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Monitoring & Evaluation


46 000,00€



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