Final Evaluation of the Unda 1213j Project


Evaluation of the following project:
The objective of this project is to build sustainable trade-related capacities in selected West African countries through the increased use of e-learning tools.
Undertake needs assessment missions in the selected West African countries in order to assess local technical capacities and constraints (infrastructure, training centres, and distance learning resources, human and technical capital available), and agree on the proposed plan of action;
Draft the agreed training and capacity-building action plan for each country and for the region, which will be connected to Millennium Development Goal 8 and in line with specific needs and resources to be addressed by the project;
Train potential trainers and distance-learning technical tutors to manage, implement and deliver the courses through face-to-face and distance learning using local capacities;
Train participants through distance learning and with the support of distance-learning technical tutors that will have been trained using validated pedagogic training material;
Establish a network of trade-related training institutions and experts in West African countries;
Convene a regional expert group to provide recommendations for the follow-up of the project, with a particular focus on distance-learning activities in West Africa.


Western Africa

Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Monitoring & Evaluation


10 000,00€



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