Identification Mission on the New Regional Project on Justice Cooperation (ENPI- 2010-2013)


The general objective of this mission is to identify, on the basis of the previous MEDA JHA I and II programmes and of the ENPI South Regional Strategy Paper and of the Regional Indicative Programme 2007-2010, the future regional project “EuroMed Justice III” This project will foster cooperation on judicial issues between the MEDA and EU countries and MEDA countries themselves, contributing to Chapters I and III of the Barcelona Declaration.The future “EuroMed Justice III” project will deal with the following issues:Support the development of the Mediterranean partners’ institutional and administrative capacity and good governance in the field of justice; Support the modernisation of justice systems, the simplification/speeding up of judicial proceedings and improved access to justice;Develop judicial cooperation in civil matters, in particular through assistance in the field of the family law with emphasis on cross-border family conflicts;Strengthen judicial cooperation in criminal matters and support initiatives for the reform of criminal and prison law in the Mediterranean partner countries with a view to facilitating the transposition of the relevant international conventions into the domestic law of the beneficiary countries and their implementation;Enhance cooperation in civil and criminal justice and explore possibilities to liaise and create synergies with the relevant EU cooperation units and networks such as EuroJust, European Judicial Network and European Judicial Training Network and find ways of facilitating the role of the liaison magistrate;Strengthen the existing Interprofessional community of magistrates and law professionals (in order to build an open and modern justice system that will uphold the rule of law and the effective implementation of human rights);Strengthen the existing EuroMed Network of Judicial Schools



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Governance - Justice - Transparency


75 000,00€


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