Implementation of the EU/Kyrgyz Republic Partnership and Co-operation Agreement


To establish the capacity within the Kyrgyz administration to identify priority areas for implementation of the trade, economic and commercial provisions of the PCA, and to begin legislative and administrative reform in line with those provisions: Legal approximation: to identify the priority areas for the revision of Kyrgyz legislation in order for it to be compatible with relevant EU directives and legislation. Key areas include competition law, technical regulations, intellectual property law, labour law, and environmental law; Developing government policy in other key areas of the PCA: Ensuring compatibility between Kyrgyzstan’s WTO commitments, Implementing WTO obligations, Other improvements to the business and investment climate; Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the PCA: ensuring compatibility of EU and Kyrgyz legislation (‘legislative approximation’), and the ability of Kyrgyzstan to implement legislation relevant to its own needs; Training: Provision of training to the project target groups on: the structure and provisions of the PCA, the institutions of the European Union, the development and implementation of the acquis communautaire, the process of EU enlargement; specific relevant elements of EU directives and member state legislation; Participation of civil society into the policy debate: to identify local institutions and think‑tanks that can contribute to the work of the project; Publications: To publish a short guide to the PCA and regular policy‑oriented issues papers; Library and Documentation Facility: To develop legal documentation centres on EU directives and acquis communautaire.


Kyrgyz Republic

Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice - Transparency


1 400 000,00€


DMI (leader)
Franklin AS, GTZ, Planet Ernst and Young



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