LEGALASIA – (Asia Information Technology and Communications Asia Legal Database


LegalAsia responds to the general need, identified by citizens, governments, universities, the enterprise and lawyers to access legal data in Asia in a format that matches their specific requirements, in as many countries in the Asian region as possible, abiding by the requirements of comparative law (allowing the comparison of different legal systems, and responding simultaneously to the concerns of legal actors of different cultures).
The purpose of the project is to develop as a first step a model multilingual legal data base in Thammasat University for Thai legislation and jurisprudence, together with the required human resources. In a second phase, the model will be adapted to other national legal systems in the region. I a third phase, the multilingual legal databases developed on the same model in Asia will be made available on a systematic base through a search engine.
The initial project undertakes a set of ‘Get-in-Touch Keep-in-Touch” activities based on workshops with the purpose of delivering a feasibility study, and a strategy and business plan for the second and third phase activities.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice - Transparency


400 000,00€



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