Mid-term Evaluation of EU-China Trade Project


With reference to the EU-China Trade Project aimed to support the further integration of China into the world economy, to assist the Chinese government in implementing its obligations under, and commitments in, the WTO and to increase the capacity of China in the process of wider economic, regulatory, legal and administrative reform, the overall objective of the evaluation activities will be to improve the design and the impact of the European Commission’s managed external assistance programmes, by strengthening the Commission’s ability to draw on lessons learnt from past and ongoing interventions for future planning, programming and project identification. Specific objective(s): The specific objective of the Mid-Term Evaluation is to assess the achievements of the Project to date, with regard to impact and sustainability of the various interventions under the different components. The evaluation mission is required to assess and evaluate the level of success in addressing the objectives in respect of the five evaluation criteria (see EC’s Guidelines for Evaluation[1]), taking into account the context of implementation and realities on the ground. Moreover the evaluation mission is requested to provide a timely and high-quality evaluation report to feed into future planning, programming and project identification work of the responsible services.



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Monitoring & Evaluation


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