Support to PCA Implementation Ukraine


The purpose of the project is to support Ukraine in the implementation of the PCA provisions and EU-UA Action Plan, in particular in terms of operation of joint bodies established within the framework of the PCA, improvement of the system of monitoring of the implementation of the PCA and the EU UA AP, to be then used also for the implementation of the agreement to replace the PCA new enhanced agreement, fostering of enhanced relationships between the EU and the UA after the replacement of the current PCA agreement. The purpose refers to support in the implementation of (i) PCA provisions and (ii) EU-UA Action Plan. Through addressing the implementation of the two main EU instruments (PCA and EU-UA Action Plan) in Ukraine, the project therefore covers the whole scope of EU policy. This project should result in :
Development of an operational, continuous and self-sustainable monitoring system of the PCA and of the EU-UA AP, its dissemination among the Ukrainian authorities with further possibilities of aplication in the course of the “new enhanced agreement” implementation. Relevant training for the Ukrainian authorities’ staff. Support to the operation of Ukrainian parts of joint bodies established in the framework of the PCA (Cooperation Council, Cooperation Committees and Subcomittees) or similar Committees set up in the new enhanced agreement. The project defines 3 components which are:

  • Monitoring component
  • Capacity Building component
  • Dissemination component



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Field of Expertise

Governance - Justice - Transparency


1 879 800,00€


DMI (leader)
Transtec Ticon Hammonds ICPS CEPS



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