Special Economic Zones Development Support Services


The overall objective of the project is to improve business environment and increase opportunities in the rural areas for the potential entrepreneurs.
The specific purpose of the project is to prepare and publish all the required regulatory and legal acts for the establishment and management of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) (Industrial cities and business incubators).
Expected results of the projects are:
• Preparation of the proposals with regards to the improvement of existing legal and regulatory framework;
• Preparation and publication of the required documents;
• Researches regarding the area of the selected pilot SEZs (industrial cities and business incubators);
• Capacity building and awareness raising of the ME;
• Providing consulting services regarding activity areas of the High-Tech Park of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

More specifically:
Azerbaijani economy developed rapidly in the recent years, the economic reforms and diversification of economy ensured a development of the non-oil sector, enabling significant progress in this area.
The work on improvement of regulatory mechanism regarding creation and management of SEZs is underway. The Academy of Sciences is carrying out an active preparation for establishment of enterprises in the Technology Park as a part of the market movement directed to researches.
It is planned to prepare legal and regulatory documents required in this field within this project as well as prepare a set of indicators used for measurement and control of progress achieved in SEZs.
• Analysis of all the required normative legal acts for establishment and management of SEZs;
• Preparation of normative legal acts;
• Implementation of required actions;
• Market analysis for selected pilot SEZs
• Determination of industries having clustering potential
• Distribution of industrial enterprises upon placement in the economic districts in terms of quality and quantity
• Commercialization of service provided by the operator of SEZs
• Preparation of proposals regarding monitoring mechanism of operation within SEZs
• Preparation and publication of a limited number of verifiable set of indicators for measure and control achievements for SEZs
Organization of training and study visits for learning best practices in the area of establishment and operation of SEZs and industrial clusters.



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Field of Expertise

Development & Business Environment


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