Support to the Competition Council – Enpi/2015/367-197


The overall objective of the project is “to improve the application of the law and regulation governing competition in Moldova. More specifically, the purposes of this contract are: To enhance the capacity of the National Agency for the Protection of Competition (now the Competition Council); and To improve the competition culture in the Republic of Moldova.
This project is part of the Comprehensive Institution Building Programme (CIB), which aims to provide essential institutional strengthening in support of the application and implementation of the DCFTA.
This project will improve the application of the competition law No. 183 of 11 July 2012 and will create an improved climate of competition in Moldova.
This project will provide additional depth and range of experience to the staff of the Council so that investigations can be robust, strong positions can be developed and cases can be prosecuted successfully.
Additionally, the project will continue to develop the climate of competition in the judiciary, in the public administration and in the business community to the improvement in regulation of anti-competitive practices.
The specialised components will include:
Horizontal and vertical agreements;
Abuse of dominant position;
Mergers and acquisitions;
Bid rigging.



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