Support to the Development of a Geographical Indications System | Ukraine


The overall objective of the project of which this contract to support the implementation of the provisions of the Association Agreement concerning GIs, in view of ensuring their protection and creating opportunities for added value products, stimulating diversification and local initiative in particular for small producers.
The purpose is to establish a Ukrainian System of Geographical Indications for Wines, Aromatised wines, Spirit Drinks and Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs through 4 components:
– Legal framework set-up ensured and administrative capacity strengthened for the development of the Ukrainian system of registration, control and enforcement of the Geographical Indications. Supporting the Verkhovna Rada’s legislative work in order to draft a law regulating GIs in Ukraine, with special attention to modalities of registration, control and protection of Ukrainian food and handicraft products.
This component also includes institutional strengthening at governmental level (Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine) and private sector level (producers, farmers and retailers).
– Marketing activities for rebranding, market research, promotion and consultancy activities for sensitive products provided.In the framework of the SAA agreement, supporting Ukraine to rebrand sensitive products (products using European GIs) after the 7-year or 10-year period are through.
To achieve this, surveys will be conducted on national level, workshops gathering producers will be held to raise awareness on international best practices in rebranding of products (e.g. Cava, Prosecco…)
– Ukrainian products registered as GIs and available on the marketIdentification of Ukrainian products with GI characteristics and the main hurdles for the development of GIs.
Producer associations will be supported and involved throughout the process of identification and will take an active part in defining standards, specification, legal framework, direct marketing, price, distribution and labelling matters. Once this is achieved, support the development and control of new GIs for the stakeholders to take full ownership.
– Rural development project planned with the aim to bringing tourism to the regions and launching marketing strategies for new markets.
This final component aims at using GIs not only as a tool for rural development but also to increase the touristic potential of Ukraine, through valorizing local and regional products and by launching marketing strategies for new markets.



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