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As part of the overall efforts by the European Union to promote judicial reform, enhance the rule of law, increase the knowledge level of EU law and promote human rights the EAR has, in agreement with the Serbian Ministry of Justice, agreed to assist the Serbian Judicial Training Centre (JTC) with a program to enhance its institutional capacity. The primary program objective is to up-grade the JTC to a fully-fledged training institute, which in line with best European practices, will offer high quality and targeted training to judges, prosecutors, court staff and (young) advocates, (primarily) in accordance with the needs of the judiciary. The wider objective of this project is to support the effective administration of justice in Serbia, thus sustaining an independent judiciary whose powers are balanced with those of the executive and legislative branches of government. Additionally, to promote higher educational standards among legal professionals and in this manner to facilitate respect and trust among the citizens of Serbia for the judiciary and the rule of law. The following key project results are expected to be achieved by the Consultant: A comprehensive training needs analysis to be conducted among each of the four (4) target groups and to be both horizontal and vertical as described in Section 4.2 Specific Activities. Development of new training curriculum for the four (4) primary target groups.Law lecturers at the JTC trained on the newly developed curriculum under a ‘training-of-trainer’s’ program. Law lecturers deliver training courses under the supervision of the Consultant and thereafter on their own, thus ensuring project sustainability. Law lecturers to be invited to participate in the new curriculum development process so they might assist in replicating the exercise in future years, thus ensuring a continuity of fresh training offerings.New training curriculum delivered both in Belgrade and in the regions thus ensuring countrywide coverage with the aim of promoting consistency in application of the law and also enhancing predictability in decision making across Serbia Curriculum developers at the JTC charged with the responsibility of curriculum development in the areas of criminal law, civil law, commercial law and human rights trained in the curriculum development process including the enhancement of research and writing skills.Comprehensive marketing strategic plan developed with a mind to demonstrating areas where the JTC could effectively offer legal training or other related legal services on a fee paying basis. Implementation of the plan thus providing at least in part some self-sufficiency in the funding area.Law library of approximately three hundred (300) separate legal titles added to the current library to assist the law lecturers and curriculum developers to better operate their functions. Texts in English and Serbian to be included. Additionally, computerized catalogue of titles utilizing existing software.A minimum of ten to fifteen (10-15) computers loaded with all the current laws of Serbia & Montenegro available at the JTC for law students, JTC law lecturers, course participants, university professors and the general public for the purpose of legal research.



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