Support to the Ministry of Trade in Baku for the accession of Azerbaijan to the WTO Phase I


DMI Associates carried out the WTO Accession Support Project to the Azeri Ministry of Commerce (using both European, and local staff members). As a technical assistance project it facilitated the accession of Azerbaijan to the WTO by providing direct task driven assistance to the Azeri authorities, strengthening the government’s capability to develop trade policy consistent with its international obligations, co-ordinate and undertake accession negotiations and bring domestic legislation and practice in line with WTO requirements. Among these specific areas of technical advice and training required by the WTO, an important attention was brought to the revision of intellectual property legislation. Recently evaluated by the Tacis monitoring service, the project was retained as a successful example of Tacis TA to LDCs and will be referenced in future Tacis publications.



Beginning - END


Field of Expertise

Trade Policy


445 000,00€



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